Summer 2018 was my first season with Eurocamp and Al Fresco, my first time abroad without my family and my first time living independently. My love for traveling and being part of a team made this job catch my attention and despite being so frightened at first I had the best time. I cannot wait for this 2019 season when I will be returning to work for Eurocamp and Al Fresco!

From sending off my application to the training course and then to flying out to another country – I had the best time! One thing I wish I did before I went was learning some really basic phrases of the place I was allocated. Being allocated in the South of France with no French knowledge meant that for the first week I was a little lost with regards to communication. Spending a lot of time around locals and many customers being from France meant that having some basic skills would have made my time there a little easier. Now I know I am going back to France this year I decided to take up some French – there are so many free resources!

Working in another country took a little getting used to; the weather is very different from home in the UK. I learned so much about the place I was allocated and how to look after myself in different climates. For example, being in a very hot part of France made me realise how important staying hydrated was – especially while working!

My 3 top tips would be: Research is the key: being allocated is very exciting and I was so happy about where I was going. Researching the place helped me to understand where the local shops and activities are for days off. Be aware that it is a very different lifestyle: I found the change in lifestyle suited me well as I love to be outdoors and being social. Being in a strange place with people you have just met can be quite daunting but it is so worth it. Take the leap of faith: I am someone who has never been away from home for long periods of time. Having younger siblings has made it hard in the past to leave but I am so glad I did now. Just doing the application was scary and I would never have pictured myself going back.

I learned so much about myself! I realised I burn, VERY, easily haha and that traveling is something I want to do many times in the future. Moving away from home for a couple of months to work and live abroad was one of the best things I have done. I have made so many friends from all over the world during my first season and I am still in contact with them! The close team and area manager made me feel so welcome from my first day and included me in everything! I have so many amazing stories to tell and memories to keep!

Eurocamp and Al Fresco are an amazing company who thrive to give people the best travel experience when working abroad. I even had the opportunity to visit Paris before I flew home! The staff in the UK offices, the area manager and the whole team has made me feel part of the company and I look forward to working for them for a few years to come.

My experience with Eurocamp and Al Fresco has spurred me on to do both summer and winter seasons for a few years after I have completed my University degree.  I could not recommend it more- take the leap and travel the world!

  • Recommended language app: Duolingo, makes learning into short games
  • Recommended hydration tip: 2L bottle and some cordial if you’re not a fan of water.
  • Recommended sunscreen: Nivea Kids Factor 50+ apply first thing in the morning and at lunch, remembering the forgettable areas (e.g. tops of ears). Aloe Vera is the best after-sun for hydrating your skin.

Abigail – Kids Courier, La Chapelle, 2018

Disclaimer: this is a real blog written by a real member of our team, any recommendations are personal to the individual who wrote the blog and are not sponsored by the company.

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  • Thanks for that blog Abigail. Some useful tips there. Love your enthusiasm! I have an interview next week, so just doing some company reading. Hope to bump into you at a camp soon.

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