After more than 40 years in business, we are pleased to announce that our trusty pencil and paper “charting” process for allocating our guests accommodation will no longer be required, as we introduce a new electronic charting system directly on the extranet.

With instant updates from our reservation system, you will know in a matter of minutes if a rush booking has been received. A drag-and-drop style of allocating accommodation and re-allocating guests mid-stay moves; the time it takes for you to “chart” will drastically be reduced. Not only that – once you have allocated (or re-allocated) your guestsΒ  accommodation, your “daily site planner” will then automatically be updated.

We can’t wait for you to see the new improvements during your on parc training at the start of season!

“Charting” is a task which involves dragging and dropping guest bookings into the appropriate accommodation type, based on their arrival and departure dates and any special requests they may have. “Charting” is a task for all Guest Service, Couple and Single Holiday roles and, some Team Leader and Guest Service Manager roles (parc specific). If admin is your thing, check-out our latest vacancies here:

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