Being a part of a Montage team is a great way to explore a new area of Europe, with a new team of colleagues – working together to meet deadlines with tasks including setting up and cleaning accommodation, distributing equipment and preparing storage areas ready for the season.

For the 2019 season we have large and small Montage Teams working throughout Europe, with vacancies for roles including Montage Assistants and Montage Drivers. Areas include:

Large team Small team
South West France South West France
Dordogne, France Rousillon, France
North Vendee and Paris, France Languedoc, France
South Vendee, Royan and Loire Valley, France Cote d’Azur, France
Normandy and Picardy, France Frejus, France
Eastern France, Austria and Germany Costa Dorada, Spain
Costa Brava, Spain
Peschiera, Italian Lakes
Med Italy and Islands

Working as part of the Montage Team will mean you can start work now, with some positions finishing as late as May 2019. To be successful in your application, you will need to be available for the entire Montage schedule which varies depending on location. You will receive rent-free accommodation and a competitive salary based on the country you will work in. Full training will be provided by your experienced Montage Leader at the start of your contract.

As a Montage Driver, you will be responsible for moving your team and the equipment from parc-to-parc. Experience of driving commercial vehicles is preferred for Large Montage Teams but not essential.

Click here to apply for the role of Montage Assistant or Montage Driver.


  • Hi,
    I’ve been offered the position of a montage assistant from the 25th of March this year.
    Any advice from anyone on what I should bring with me would be greatly appreciated and also, would I be better to drive out there or travel by ferry/plane?
    I’m excited by the chance of getting to work with new likeminded people and a new adventure.

    • Hi Paul, welcome to the team! Are you a member of our Facebook Group? It’s a great place to meet colleagues and share tips like this! Look us up at Eurocamp and Al Fresco Jobs! In the meantime, pack your warm clothing and layers of it (things you don’t mind getting muddy) and comfortable waterproof boots or shoes. Depending on your area of allocation, you may be moving around quite a bit on Montage so it might be better to fly and leave your car at home. If you have any questions, you can always give us a call! Thanks, Alice

      • Thanks Alice,
        I’m a seasoned camper, but this is something different and I don’t want to bring things that I don’t need!
        Would it be advisable to bring a sleeping bag?
        How many sets of clothes would you recommend?
        Do I bring anything decent (as in clothes) besides the clothes I don’t mind getting ruined lol ?

      • You’re welcome. A sleeping bag will be handy.
        Regarding packing decent clothes, it depends where you are working but, generally a lot of time is spent on parc or at work so decent clothes aren’t always needed. Although, it does depend if you get the opportunity to extend your season or are based in an area with lots to do on your days off. Here’s the link to the Facebook group

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