All you need to know about Montage this season…


Being a part of a Montage team is a great way to explore a new area of Europe, with a new team of colleagues – working together to meet deadlines with tasks including setting up and cleaning accommodation, distributing equipment and preparing storage areas ready for the season. For the 2019 season we have large … Read More

Camping with technology


We make every effort to listen and respond to the needs of our staff. This blog will give you an insight into the improvements we have made to our technology on parc.

Job Title cheat-sheet


To help your job search we thought we’d clear up any confusion around our job titles this season. Whether you’ve been working in the industry for years, a previous holidaymaker or new to it all, the following sections should provide further insights into our job opportunities including: Leadership and Management roles (including Area, Parc and … Read More

2019 Gender Pay Reporting


Follow this link to view the Gender Pay Reporting for Greenbank Services Limited; the employing company for our British team members.