We may be a camping tour operator but with more and more digital advancements, a camping job with us is more technical than toasting marshmallows on the campfire…

Each and every Eurocamp and Al Fresco Holidays team on parc will be provided with a smart phone, tablet and access to the internet (via the campsite wifi or a mifi device) for work purposes. To help with efficiency, our biggest teams will have more than one device per team.

The devices will allow you to process maintenance requests, view your guests arrival and departure information, access useful training manuals and guides, communicate with colleagues and much, much more.

If your job role means you will be using the devices we provide on parc, you will be provided with introductory training at the start of season. To get ahead of the game, Youtube and Google have a host of introductory sessions and how-to guides to get you started:

If you have worked with us previously, you will notice a change to our Social Media policy this season. We will no longer be allowing the use of Whatsapp for work purposes. Instead, your work device will be set up with Google Hangouts, a secure and inclusive way to communicate with colleagues.

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