At the start of the season, the first off-parc activity for many us, is to seek out the best local supermarket to get us through the season for less than the on-parc shops. For some, the first shop in a new supermarket is novel and exciting, for others it may be their first ever big food shop. Here are some ways to prevent shopping being a stressful situation:

  • Plan your meals – forget cookery books, cooking in 2019 starts with a Pinterest board, joining a Facebook Group or watch tutorials on Youtube to learn top tips and tricks to eat well. You don’t need to be a master chef to make a tasty batch meal.
  • Make a list – once you’ve found the meals you want to make, save notes in your phone of the all important core ingredients. To save time, money and food cravings, you might want to buy some of your home cooking favourites before you travel (e.g. Bisto gravy granules).
  • Be adventurous – you’re most likely in a new country, with access to new foods to taste and try. It’s all part of the fun of working abroad – you never know, you might like it!

If you plan your meals the right way, you’ll reap the benefits!

  • Mastering your skills in the kitchen is a great way to make friends! Saving time, money and effort by teaming up with your new colleagues for group meals
  • Eating the right foods is good for your mood! Keeping yourself hydrated and eating a balanced diet is good for your mental and physical health
  • Working a season is all about maximising every experience and opportunity! Make cooking an event that you enjoy. Seek out local traditions, find a cookery class and talk to locals in markets and restaurants to learn a new skill or two to take away with you

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