Both myself and my husband were working in quite stressful jobs in the U.K. (healthcare profession).  Our children were both grown up and we were bored with our jobs & lifestyle. Same old – same old.

Work, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep repeat !!

My husband was scrolling through the internet and saw an advert for couple couriers – once he read the details he was hooked. Working in the sunshine, no sick or dying people only happy people and the chance to be paid to travel abroad.

We applied, attended an interview with the lovely people in Bury and then accepted the job in Italy. Our children thought we were crazy but said go for it. Leaving the U.K. and family was hard.  We were not sure if we were too old or if we would fit in with the team. (We looked at the website and there were a lot of very young people).

We were also giving up good jobs and leaving our beloved grandchild behind.

We decided in for a penny – in for a pound. We started some Italian lessons and signed up to Duolingo.

On arrival in Italy our manager met us for coffee and made us feel welcome.  She told us she was worried we might not like it.

I want to say the work was really easy but that would be a lie. The first few weeks were an eye opener, it was hard but rewarding work especially when customers appreciate how clean the units are.  We found muscles we didn’t know we had, we both lost weight and toned up (bonus).

The job was as we expected – lots of cleaning, some paper work and lots of talking to customers and the site owner.  Communication is the key to the role.  Under promise and over deliver makes happy customers.

Don’t lie to customers and don’t promise anything you can’t deliver.

The weather was amazing most of the time, the other couriers (both Eurocamp & Al Fresco) on site made us  (“the old’s”) feel part of the big team and we loved it.

The season went very fast, we met lots of interesting people. We learned a lot about human nature… don’t judge a book by its cover.

We learned how to change a toilet seat, clean out drains and fix broken water pipes (at midnight in the rain). How to make proper pasta and where to get great wine.

We made new friends, learnt how to pick up a cereal box with your teeth. We worked hard, played hard and had lots of free time to explore the area.

Our family came out to visit us and we phoned them regularly. This was the best thing we have done in years. We both felt & looked years younger.

So if your a mature person or couple and your looking for a different way of life, some fun, new friends and great weather – all with the support of a good company then give it a go.

We are now coming back for our third year.

Our advice to potential RepsPrepare before you go, travel light, you will collect so many things. Take a small medical kit, paracetamol etc is very expensive abroad. Have an open mind. Be prepared to work hard at times, plan your time of well so you see as much of the host country. Join in with your colleagues and respect others differences old & young.

But most of all, ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE.

Carol – Couple Campsite Representative, Del Garda, 2017 to present

Disclaimer: this is a real blog written by a real member of our team, any recommendations are personal to the individual who wrote the blog and are not sponsored by the company.

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