Our roving reporter, Area Trainer Leanne, has been going back to her Fun Station roots and interviewing Team Leaders to understand what it is that they love about Kids Club! Big thank you to Leanne and the following Team Leaders for sharing your Fun Station stories…

  • Coral (C), Fun Station Team Leader, Costa Brava Spain, 2 seasons of experience
  • Shauna (S), Fun Station Team Leader,  North Vendee France, 5 seasons of experience
  • Meg (M), Fun Station Team Leader, Rousillin France, 2 seasons of experience

What led you to doing this job role?

C: I wanted to to do something different to a normal 9 to 5 and live abroad

S: After spending 3 summers working for animation I decided to keep working in camping and joined Eurocamp and Al Fresco in 2018. Started as a Representative then into Fun Station and this year Fun Station Team Leader.

M: I have a passion for working with children and travel this job role fits both my personal and professional needs

What part do you enjoy the most?

C: So hard to choose 1 thing. I enjoy working with the European Work Placement students it was very rewarding to watch them improve and gain the confidence to run sessions and do visits alone in a short time period.

S: I love the way children think you are the biggest celebrity in their eyes. Once every child knows my name I know and what my job is I know I’m doing my job correctly.

M: It is very hard to choose my favourite part of this role but, I really enjoy making memories with my team and helping guests enjoy their holiday to the max

What key skills do you think you need to complete this role successfully?

C: Lots of enthusiasm. And organisational skills are important to ensure the timetable is done on time and well

S: Charismatic, resilience, patience, confidence and not afraid to think or step out of the box.

M: Communication, resilience, drive and determination; the ability to have fun no matter what the weather, time or location

What would you say to someone looking into doing this role?

C: Learn lots of filler games and song’s

S: Just do it! It is one of the best and most rewarding experiences working in Fun Station. Kids enjoying themselves making new friends and it’s because of you! We wouldn’t have kids club if we didn’t have you so take the plunge!

Which of our company values is most important to you and why?

C: Our community because not only do we have Eurocamp and Al Fresco staff we have other companies/ campsite staff from all over the world. Ensuring we all work together is very important as it will help achieve the rest of the company values such as creating value for the customers and good experiences for example if they see happy motivated staff they will hopefully re-book.

S: Community– where both teams work together and be inspired by what we do. Creating value– creating choices and opportunities for staff who want to progress. Customer experience– passionate about giving the customers a holiday to remember. Dynamic– lead the way, anticipate the future and go forward with purpose.

M: Community – I like this value as it highlights the lifestyle we all live and how diverse and broad the people you meet are within the company. Creating value – this value enables us as Reps to work together to help the company grow So we can invest in guests future. Customers experience – every guest is valued and their experience with us is unique this value highlights how important each guest is and how no matter who they are or where they come from they receive the same quality service across all our brands Dynamic – this value helps support professional development helping staff to grow and learn but also as a company we are proactive in looking forward and developing towards our future

What is your ALL TIME favourite session?

C: Water wars!!

S: SCIENCE ACADEMY!!! Hello Scientist Shauna in the house!! I love watching how memorised the kids are.

M: – I really love circus skills, it allows guests to learn a new skill and many adults and children alike can relate to the circus and watching guests in awe as we juggle or plate spin is fantastic

Favourite inspirational quote/words to live by?

C: “Today’s Accomplishments Were Yesterday’s Impossibilities.” Robert H. Schuller

S: Turn dreams into goals and make those goals your reality.

M: – “it’s kind of fun to do the impossible”Share your Fun Station Kids Club memories and ask your Team Leaders questions in the conversation below…

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