Fun Station and Fun Station Plus

More than just a kids club!

There's no better place for our families to escape and switch-off from everyday life than our Fun Station and Fun Station Plus! Available on 20 of our most spectacular parcs, to children from age 6 months to 17 years, holidaying with Eurocamp, Al Fresco Holidays or maybe one of our sister brand companies. Our programme is exciting and varied, with the opportunity for Mum, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa to join in the fun too!

Our Clubs

Our clubs have had a name make-over this winter. Don't worry, the programme of activities is still the same. Here's an introduction to our Fun Station programme...

For 0 to 4 years
1 hour sessions with parents in tow, including free-play and Rep-led activities to inspire and enthuse our youngest of audiences.
For 4 to 12 years
Up to 2 hours of fun led by our Reps, away from the parents. Our programme of activity offers a variety of exciting sessions starting from 10:00 until early evening.
For 13 to 17 years
Drop-in style sessions created to bring teens together to make friends, learn a new skills and compete in a sporting tournaments - away from the Kids Club tents!
For Families
Daytime and evening sessions available for familities to make holiday memories to last a lifetime in our Rep-led sessions. Something for all age groups and abilities.

More than just a team

Like most departments in our business, our recruitment teams work across multiple locations. As proud advocates of the company we are here to support you in your journey to an exciting new opportunity with us. With a shared love of camping, whether it is from enjoying our fantastic holidays with our own families or working out on Parc, our recruitment team know a thing or two about the adventure you’re about to begin.

"Your reps did everything they needed to and responded to any requests. They were well organised."