Area Trainer/Assistants are the ambassadors of Eurocamp and Al Fresco Holidays. Area Trainer/Assistants encourage, support and develop team members on parc and are instrumental in creating a positive working environment where team members feel inspired to be the best they can be.

Our Jobs in the Spotlight creator, Leanne (Area Trainer for North Vendee) has extended her search to find what it is that her colleagues love about their job. This edition of Jobs in the Spotlight focuses on the role of Area Trainer/Assistant. Thank you Leanne for taking the time to speak to;

What led you to doing this job role?

L: I had worked the Rep job role, then Team Leader and really enjoyed the coaching and developing people; seeing people progress over the season so, I thought it would be good for me to work as an Area Trainer/Assistant.

Le: Last year as a Fun Station Team Leader, I supported a lot of European Work Placement Students and really enjoyed that part of my job role; being an Area Trainer allows me to do this with the wider team.

E: It felt like the natural step. I have worked for the company for several seasons (this being my 5th) in a variety of roles; but I have always enjoyed helping others develop and gain confidence as they improve in their job role. I love talking to people, and with this job I get to know the Reps and especially the Trainee Reps very well.

C: I began working for Eurocamp in 2014 at the age of 18 as a Fun Station Rep, before progressing to be a Fun Station Team Leader in 2016. After 5 seasons of working with children I wanted to find a new challenge (whilst continuing to work overseas!). After training many of the Fun Station Reps and Team Leaders in 2018 I found that helping people learn and develop was a very rewarding job, and that encouraged me to apply for the Trainer/Assistant job role.

What part do you enjoy the most?

L: The part I enjoy the most is seeing Reps arrive at the beginning then going back to the parc and seeing them doing a good job and enjoying it.

Le: I enjoy getting to meet a wide range of teams and knowing more people in my area. Getting to see the bigger picture from team sites down to couples.

E: One aspect of the job that I really enjoy is traveling around and seeing some really beautiful parts of France and meeting so many different people. Every day is a little adventure, with so many different stories being told to you.

C: Seeing lots of new areas and people from all over Europe and having the opportunity to work both independently and alongside so many others.

What key skills do you think you need to complete this role successfully?

L: Organised, approachable and knowledgeable.

Le: It is important to be organised, prepared and have really good communication skills.

E: As a Trainer you need to be organised, adaptable and able to work both individually and as a team player.

C: Always be willing to learn new things from other people, and communicate and build relationships with as many people as possible. Be confident and have a laugh!

Which of our company values is most important to you and why?

L: Dynamic because I’m all about being efficient and pro-active. Making sure we get it right first time.

Le: “Our Community” This is really important to me as if we can all get along and value each other it makes for a great team effort and every wants to try their best to support the team.

E: Our Community value is extremely important. As an Area Trainer you travel around a lot but everyone on each parc is so welcoming that everywhere feels like home.  You get to know so much about everyone, to the point that they feel like family. Dynamic is also an important value as it centers on adapting to change and going forward in a positive manner. Within the company, situations and plans change constantly but it’s all about working with others to stay on top of them.

C: Our Community, being a part of a bigger team and all working together means that you are never alone. If you’re willing to help people out they will always do the same for you!

Favourite inspirational quote/words to live by?

L: One team, one dream!

Le: Practice till you get it right, and then practice till you can’t get it wrong.

E: – The Most Important Thing Is To Enjoy Your Life- To Be Happy- Its’s All That Matters (Audrey Hepburn)

C: Work, Save, Travel, Repeat!

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