I always had a fascination for seeing what the world is like since my mum brought me an atlas at the age of 5. Growing up this became a big interest, more than story books or computer games. I always struggled academically at school, particularly with essay writing, however, I always knew that my passion for travel and the world beyond me never stopped me from dreaming.

After my GCSE’s I went onto Stoke on Trent college where I did a BTEC in Travel and Tourism, then went to South Cheshire to do a Foundation degree in Tourism Management. Upon graduating I was looking for jobs in the Tourism industry and I came across Eurocamp. I applied and found my application was successful. I got interviewed and one week later I found out my application was successful and one month later I flew out to Geneva where I Montaged in the Black Forest in Germany, Burgundy and the Jura in France. I did my first season in the Jura in Is Pergola on Lac de Chalain and then doing Demontage in the French Alps and Burgundy again. I wanted to improve my German skills so I became a Single Courier working with a couple on Bella Tola in Switzerland where I did 3 seasons. I fancied a change and having lots of friends in the Netherlands, I am working on Beekse Bergen.

What have I experienced in Eurocamp? I feel I have learned just as much in 5 seasons as I have in school. I have developed skills such as teamwork, language skills as I have made effort to learn the languages during my seasons and I have met lots of people and friends. I have managed to experience different landscapes and cultures. I have hiked up mountains, cycled through tulip fields and seen many friends particularly in the Netherlands.

Travel makes you richer and working abroad does too, especially Eurocamp. Eurocamp offers so many opportunities and career prospects, especially you’ve studied tourism or a language. However, you can be from another career background looking for a change. I endeavor this to anyone wanting a change or experience. I used to be not the most confident of guy but Eurocamp and working abroad has made me person I am today and the connections I have is unreal and my favourite saying is “all roads lead to Rome” and there’s something out there for everyone if you and will to do it; “Dream, dare, prepare and achieve”

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