As a child we often had our family holidays with Eurocamp, we visited parcs in France, Italy and Spain. Although I always knew who Eurocamp were it wasn’t until years later I thought about working for them.

In March 2009, I was on a flight home from Australia and got talking to the person next to me about how when he got home he was off to the South of France to work for Eurocamp. Hearing all about this and having just spent the last month visiting different parts of Australia I knew I wasn’t ready to go back to my full-time job, I wanted to see more places and work abroad for a few more months.

I applied for the job not long after I got home and in May 2009, feeling very nervous yet very excited I got on a coach at Warrington train station with many other new recruits. We were driven to the Eurocamp training venue in the Netherlands for our 4 day training course. After training I flew to Lake Garda in Italy to begin my season as a Fun Station Team Leader.

I had the best summer which went by so quickly, I made some great memories, loved running sessions and even loved living in a tent. I was only meant to stay for 3 months but a few weeks before I was due to go home I was offered the opportunity to stay out until November as the Demo Driver, which I loved. I got to visit all of the parcs in Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore, parts of Austria and Germany taking down tents and closing down parcs ready for the winter. I got to make even more memories and see even more places.

It was a strange feeling when I got home in the November and I couldn’t quite settle, I missed being surrounded by a team of people every day, I missed my tent, the sun, working outside and doing something different on days off. So before I knew it I had applied to go out again the next season. By February I was back in Lake Garda as the Montage Driver, I got to visit all of the same campsites again only this time we were putting the tents up ready for customers and staff.

My three months of working abroad for one summer turned into four seasons. Each year I would go out in February and come home in November and was lucky enough to do 3 different roles of Montage, Fun Station and Demo throughout each season. I have so many memories, I met some friends for life who I’ve been on holidays with and I’ve been to camping Weddings and Christenings.

In 2012, I thought long and hard and decided it would be my 4th and final season. I thought my camping days were over but, in 2014 I became part of the Training Team in Head Office, I now get to train Fun Station Reps to go and do the job I loved. I am lucky enough to still get to visit some amazing campsites and have been back to Lake Garda every year on holiday.

I would recommend this job to anyone and my advice would be to make the most of your time during your season as it really does fly by, enjoy every day off and make life long memories.

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