We live in a world of animal lovers, many of whom like to take their extended family with them for the season. That being said and as much as we would like to, we cannot accept pets of any description in communal live areas or on any training course. This blog has been created to help you understand our Pet Policy, applicable to parents of dogs and cats. If you have a pet of another description, please contact us directly to discuss.

It is possible to take your dog and cat on season with you, if…

  • Your Parc of allocation allows pets for staff
  • Your live area is based outside a communal staff live area (i.e. on it’s own)
  • Your pet is at least 3 months of age at the time of travel
  • Your pet is micro-chipped so they can be returned to you should they need to be
  • Your pet is fully insured for public liability and all legal cost associated, in both the UK and country you will be working
  • Your pet has up to date vaccinations as required by the applicable local legislation and is free from infections and parasites (e.g. flees)
  • Your pet is looking their best (clean and well-groomed)
  • Your pet does as they are told, well socialised and without history of biting, excessive barking, chasing or aggressive behaviour

Next steps…

If you answered yes to all of these points (including confirming the first points with us), it’s time to prepare your pet for his or her European adventure! This includes reading, understanding and agreeing to the full Pet Policy sent to you with your Letter of Agreement, you will be asked to signify this on Cascade HR.

If you have any questions about the policy, you can contact us directly. If you require any assistance, the pet community is a friendly one, with many websites set-up to help you or call upon your friendly bunch of colleagues via our Facebook Group.


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