My Eurocamp story started in 2014 in France in the Jura working on P.a. Pergola and did. 2015, 16 and 17 on Bella Tola in Switzerland. Over the years and through the sport of tug of war I have made lots of friends in the Netherlands and made many of visits to the country and I decided for 2018 to make a change for the Swiss Alps to the Dutch polderlands.

I love it over here in the Netherlands. On my days off I love to get on my bike and explore. When there are offers on train tickets from the store, I buy a load to last me till they are expired and I take my bike and explore other parts of the Netherlands. I sometimes visit friends and I have a few who are farmers. I helped one milking cows and shifting hay to fee the cows. It’s nice to see there way of life and area in which they live in.

My Dutch friends outnumber my English friends and it feels like a home. I speak more Dutch to my friends than English and have adapted their habits like eating cheese with a scraper and also wearing cloggs and not to mention the cycling. It’s a shame everyone who thinks of the Netherlands associates the country with Amsterdam and there are so much more I could share with you. My favourite places in the Netherlands include the beaches along the North Sea coast between Haarlem and the Hague, the tulip fields in North Holland around Schagen, Den Bosch (S’ hertogenbosch) famous for Bosche Bol chocolate profiteroles, the green heart famous for its typical Dutch landscape of windmills and dairy farms and not too mention the 19 windmills of Kinderdijk. I can happily share lots of nice places in the Netherlands which I can share with anyone who wants to visit or working in the region. I couldn’t be more happier to be here and I enjoy my work at Eurocamp on the Beekse Bergen where sometimes at night you can hear the lions roaring from the safari park.

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  • You came a long way my little grasshopper. It was a pleasure to introduce you to the Dutch and like you did in Switzerland, you learned and explored incredibly much of the area you work in. I enjoy your pictures and now your blog too. Tot woensdag.

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